No such file or directory make: This is a pretty big job and way beyond something that I can tell you in this little post. I have a Sound blaster Live card using the latest drivers from http: Yes, everything is plugged in since the tv works fine in windows. I was afraid that was the case. Video should work though. If you get all kinds of missing header file errors then you probably don’t have the tree.

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Is there anything else that I’m missing? No such file or directorygrep: Any suggestions, help, or encouragement would be appreciated Thanks, -Fin.

I have a creative live card. Check the Help Files, then come here to ask!

Thanks for all the help so far, couldn’t have got this far without this informative community. So, now when I run xawtv, Acrd get static all over but no errors that I can see.

The i2c and bttv ones seem to be working since I see nice messages from the kernel detecting the hardware. Any help is, as always, greatly appreciated -Fin. Tried plugging cheapo speakers in my line-out jack and I could hear sound! I’ve looked for both files, and neither exist.


Zoltrix TV Tuner drivers

Yes, you’re going to need the latest bttv 0. However, I don’t see any messages coming from tuner or msp You’d also want it to be a kernel source tree that matches the kernel you cafd running. Yes, everything is zolteix in since the tv works fine in windows. Are they just not in the same places as the makefile expects them to be, or do I have a more serious problem?

You can get kernels at http: An untarred kernel tree will not cut it since compiling the kernel generates some files that compiling the i2c module needs.

It’s a BT chipset, which is the same as yours. You may have to register before you can post: No such file or directory grep: No such file or directory make: Well, I got audio to work.

Zoltrix Tv-Max Tuner Card

I’m pretty sure the sound processor is an msp since I saw the chip on the bottom of the tv tuner card. If not, how can I get such a beast? It’s actually a BT chip. I grabbed the kernel as you suggested.


I was afraid that was the case. I recompiled the kernel for video4linux support. The module msp should be responsible for this.

Zoltrix Tv-Max Tuner Card – Ars Technica OpenForum

Anyway, I’ve gotten a lot further now. All times are GMT Can you make any suggestions for how to go about it?

Results 1 to 12 of 12 Thread: You have 1 got the ariel plugged in 2 tried tuning some channel in I know it sounds silly, but I failed with 1 when I first started TV in linux.