The Roccat Pyra abandoned us after about hours of use and had to go back to its “cable”. We highlight the best. The product is no longer available online. Accessories Into Tusko Apuri Rest. I have not been able to reproduce anything nearly looking like that in further tests. However, Roccat has accomplished the hurdle of creating a small gaming mouse for on the go — even if with the aforementioned shortcomings.

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The Pyra could prove this impressively in our test.

On March 19 OK This website uses cookies for various purposes. The Roccat Pyra officially supports the most common Windows versions only.

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To save the file to your harddisk please right-click the download roccat pyra mouse and choose “Save as”. But because you can use the mouse while its being recharged and even roccat pyra mouse batteriesyou only have to interrupt the gaming session for a short moment. Review it and you could win a R Voucher.

The Pyra-design roccat pyra mouse its regards to the Batmobile, or even the latest Alienware notebooks in terms of design. Accessories Into Tusko Apuri Rest.

I bought the mouse because I was looking for a small mouse, similar to the old Logitech mini optical, but with modern specs. The battery life of both included AAA microcells regrettably isn’t very convincing. No, after some more thought, I think this mouse might just be slightly too short height wise for my hands which is why it feels a little less than optimal.


In the middle of the mouse is a dorsal fin-switch for two additional functions.

Plus, the new Soft-Touch Coating offers great grip, complementing the non-slip performance of the solid rubber Griptech. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

Ergonomics I have basically a fingertip grip, except that the palm of my hand just barely touches the mouse it does not rest on the mouse. As a result, you now have 12 functions available at any roccat pyra mouse time instead of the usual 6.

Weighing in at just 90g, the Pyra stays comfortable even after hours of gaming. What can I say? These keywords normally aren’t really used in one sentence when roccat pyra mouse comes to describing a mouse. This hasn’t been an issue in CS: Please log in or register to reply. Assign two functions pyda every button, roccat pyra mouse the number of command power at your disposal.

Read in the following review if this has been achieved.


If not, rocact, I’ll try roccat pyra mouse advices. If you have just gotten this mouse I would give it some time to get used to it though, maybe your grip will adjust to the shape better over time. For example if you have a x screen resolution, your max useful CPI in SC2 is actually between The Roccat Pyra is a futuristic wireless gaming mouse.

The angular, black shapes and the blue light strip between the mouse keys roccat pyra mouse futuristic and fit perfectly to the gaming ambitions toccat the “small vermin”. The mouse is currently available for OSC Team Championship As a ‘mobile’ mouse, the Pyra is quite stumpy.

Review Roccat Pyra Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse – Reviews

The precision is comparable due to the Darkfield sensor. Roccat pyra mouse Rodcat Events Rep…. I’ve removed these because how I tested them wasn’t exactly applicable, that and they were misleading because of that.