Oh and the range is pretty good I can go upstairs in my house and still hear. They range is good I can hear all around the house, and the battery last a long time. Other than that, it is really good quality. When you extend the headphones to make them larger, there is only a very thin and hollow band of plastic. A real pain if you forgot to charge it over night Syncing the Dongle with the Headset was a breeze, so long as you read and follow the instructions manual. When I turn off the headphones the game resumes, but with a red connection status in the game.

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Good sound quality, but poor with a LAN. On a single charge, I have gotten plantronics 995 usb headset to last for a 10 hour shift, only turning it off during breaks and lunch. Takes only an hour or 2 to charge.

Audio | Wireless USB Headset | Plantronics

Convenient on-earpiece volume, play and skip track controls. PEB, June 5, Dual 40mm speakers deliver full-range stereo sound Wireless connection with foot range On-ear controls for volume adjustment and plantronics 995 usb tracks on iTunes and Windows Media Player Noise-canceling plantronics 995 usb with Fast Mic Mute feature that automatically mutes the sound when the boom is plantronics 995 usb Easy plug-and-play setup; no software required One-year olantronics warranty Plantronics.


The headset does hurt ur ears scrapes at them but that’s after several hours. USB connection requires no software and no configuration for ksb plug-and-play convenience. Oh and the battery life well to me it seems to last pretty long and it charges fast enough for me to finish up my game.

You could almost get the same range with extension USB 9995 and a corded headset probably. After a week or so I discovered the problem, and now I don’t want plantronics 995 usb plantroncs the headphones anymore.

I have to say that the sound quality is great and overall compared to other headsets on the market and I’m basing this on user reviews these are the best atm.

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And take a nap then for 1. My wife and I play World of Warcraft on a regular basis. Not only does this headset offer plantronics 995 usb audio performance, it also lets you control your iTunes or Windows Media Player directly from the plantronics 995 usb with its convenient on-ear controls. My only problem is when it 995 randomly cut out for a few seconds when I am still within range.

Runs great, and having no wire is a blast After about 6 months of very careful use, plantronics 995 usb band broke on one side. Plantronifs sound, great mic, comfortable The one and only drawback is you can’t charge and use at the same time. Delivers full-range stereo sound. Tell us if something is incorrect.


Other than that, it is really good quality. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.

I honestly wouldn’t mind the wire if it meant I could keep going- but nope, once it’s plugged plantronics 995 usb, the device goes into a charging mode and is useless until fully charged. I’m disabled and can’t do much else.

It’s a very good headphone for everyday use. Awesome Headset of Awesomeness. I’m happy with them. I can walk around the house a good distance before it cuts out, allowing me the plantronics 995 usb to chat while doing other things instead of being tied to the computer.

It’s worked wonders for me and it is my pleasure to add another positive lpantronics to this product’s resume. It’s definetly worth to buy.

Plantronics Audio 995 Wireless Headset

Fast Mic Mute mutes microphone when the boom is raised. Kind of annoying being in the middle of something only for the sound to die. Plantronics 995 usb, May 31,