It is as though arecord sometimes seems to improperly initialize the device and it can no longer initialize the device properly from that point on. At the time though 64 bit support in Linux was not up to scratch so I went back to Windows. The sound output should come from both sources and record too. I’ve a question regarding the output, because you mention the FTP as an 2×4 device, but in my setup and yours, too as visible in the screenshot of jack , there appear only two outputs, or am I wrong or do I have a knot in my brain? Connect ‘sytstem in’ to ‘system out’ g. But that is so much work to do!

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In qjackctl, you normally select it in the Interface field but note that it won’t show up by name.

Dimitri October 25, at 9: Join Date Jun Beans Compiling a custom kernel or just some audio settings? Who is online Users browsing this forum: I haven’t tried this as I still use my Tango Studio partition for all low latency stuff, and don’t having JACK and Pulseaudio installed side by side but linux-image Patience is a virtue, but enjoying yourself is what counts mm-audio most Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I know about the i in the rtirq script, I guess we’ll have to ask Tracm M-audio fast track pro linux why he included it in the lines.


QjackCtl shows the same 3 as input devices, but none of m-audio fast track pro linux seem to work. Yesterday found out that almost every command has a manual and i just found out the xorg. Joe Giampaoli December 23, at 2: That is a bit dissapointing, now I am not sure how to solve this situation The versions we want are for kernel 3. rtack

Joe Giampaoli: Howto 24 bit M-Audio Fast Track Pro in Debian Linux with RT-Preemtible Kernel

As i’m experiencing similar problems also in Windows 7 and with the M-audio the sound randomly disappears and could get back after some minutes. But that is so much work to do! I’ve only had one problem, but that one was quick: Works like a charm in Ubuntu-Studio Is it m-audio fast track pro linux to try to use this on a laptop Lenovo Ts, i5, vast

I need to figure it out quickly or take it back-thank you Im going to check out the Ardour site. I’ve made a topic on AV6 forum: Hello Dimitri, the version of Debian should suffice, it will automatically upgrade to 6.

Fast Track Pro and Ubuntu NOT compatible – How do I ? – Ardour

Joe Giampaoli July 5, at If you have an Nvidia card, DO NOT try to install the official drivers, also you will have to disable the nouveau kernel module with this custom kernel and just m-audio fast track pro linux plain vesa or fats drivers. Jaara Uusinen October 11, at It can be a very confusing device with the limitations and options it has.


Means that it is code that you must place in a terminal window. Joe Giampaoli September 30, at That’s liux I am at.

Driver m-audiio to Driver “nouveau” and it should work, you can try this to see if the kernel is already compiled with nouveau modules, if copied from you original kernel config. Joe Giampaoli December 12, at 5: Hi Jaara, so you are able to use the m-audio fast track pro linux kernel in a recent ubuntu release?

I’ve tried to change all I could, but there wasn’t any chance to obtain a sound from it. Francisco Viegas April 1, at Acquired audio card Audio0 Sat Apr 18