I’ve noticed that anything I mount on camera will pick up handling noises none of which would explain a hiss though so I’m probably going to switch to completely off camera sound and sync later. I wrote to Nikon about the audio quality of the D and they dismissed my question out of hand saying that it was a microphone issue. You plug into your iPhone and away you go. As Ryan says above, the hiss drops with loud noise a the pre-amps do less work due to a bigger input signal. It doesn’t need to be any longer.

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I’m not surprised to hear that using the Nikon microphone d610 audio no difference. I still get the hiss. That sounds pretty neat.

Audio test: Nikon D610 DSLR

D610 audio may be internal to the camera for another reason. Is it something one would have to listen for to notice or ajdio anyone notice? I’m asking because on my D7K, with the audio set to the lowest setting, it is still to “hot” for receptions.

I just picked up the D610 audio and was testing d610 audio audio today myself. Not sure what editing plans you have – but you can reduce the hiss a lot in post with various audio sweetening filters.

I’m going to have to use a Zoom Mic Instead, which honestly irritates me, given the interviews I’m filming should be easily covered by the D mounted with the Rhode shotgun mic.


D610 audio was going to buy a Juicedlink unit but then I realized that I could use the Shure mixer that I already have. When I am doing B roll for video projects and I’m shooting on the move, Adio put the small sennheiser mke on the D and shoot away.

The sound was much better on the D, too bad it d610 audio a lousy camera. Anyone out there with any similar experience or advice. A loud clap d610 audio create a spike starts your audio. I have been using two different Sennheiser microphones, connected via cable to the mic input. Edited by Paladin27 member 6 years ago. From everything I’ve read on it, it doesn’t actually reduce much of the mechanical noise.

I bought the Nikon ME-1 microphone and I have to say that hiss has not d610 audio a problem. And even better solution would be for Nikon to put less noisy d610 audio circuits in the cameras in the future – thats for sure.

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I have to notch it out in Premiere. I think that the d610 audio you need to use the internal Mic amplification, the better quality you will get.

Turning down d610 audio mic gain will audoi the hiss when you’re sending a higher level to the camera.

Thanks I will check that out. I wonder if it’s possible that It may be related to auto gain though.

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That way, I’ve got everything being recorded in high quality on the recorder, and a pretty accurate d610 audio track being recorded to the camera, which are then nice and easy to sync up in the edit, given that the waveforms are almost identical.

Hopefully there are ways around this. For aduio audio I’m d610 audio using a Shure FP33 mixer.

Russell Chapman 5 years ago. The D doesn’t have this sound problem. Seems to be somewhat better d610 audio the mic set manually to 11 rather than auto and external mic’s switch on low-cut.

Audio test: Nikon D DSLR on Vimeo

I plan on picking up my D tonight With this setup I get clean interview d610 audio recorded right d610 audio the D Too bad we have to resort to this however, and too bad that Nikon refuses to address the issue.

Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Was hoping to hear that this issue would be corrected with an external mic. The built in mic doesn’t have the issue, but is such a d610 audio quality mic that it’s not worth using for anything more than reference.