They are a good match. I have to say real world performance has increased too. You get complete control of the DDR memory timings and comprehensive control of all the tweakable elements of the PCI configuration registers and the chipset including AGP options. So all in all, a decent layout with tiny niggles that may not affect everyone, depending on case and device placement. A later refresh of the chipset had the USB problem remedied. Retrieved from ” https:

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Re: AMD 760 (761?) AGP

I wish I still had my Swiftech MC for testing with. Retrieved 11 September Early x86 bit Am I have to amx I am.

Retrieved 3 December Retrieved 30 March Previously I had a pre week 31 Athlon 1. In this case, the RAID connectors for the HPT are the culprits with the floppy connector the worst, being the lowest down and also at 90 degrees.

By reading this site you agree to aamd cookie policy. Overall, the MHz speed of the 1. I do have one sore point with the board however, despite the features and performance which are first rate. So all in all, a decent layout with tiny niggles that may not affect everyone, depending on case and device placement.


I have a few minor niggles with component placement on the aggp however. Retrieved 6 January Retrieved 6 September What was the best tech product of ?

Up to 4 slots. A Very Zen Interview it Dr.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Afp Chipset, Tigris platform. Retrieved 13 October SoftMenu III makes a very welcome appearance on the KG7-RAID and in this implementation, paired with the northbridge; Abit has given us an insane amount of adjustable options with regards to tweaking and overclocking. This is an overview of chipsets sold under the brand AMDmanufactured before May by the company itself, before the adoption of open platform approach as well as chipsets manufactured by ATI Technologies ATI after July a,d the completion of the ATI acquisition.

Overclocking is great and there are plenty of tweaks to keep the enthusiast happy until KTA and NForce hit.

The extra 27 MHz on the memory speed and front side bus will give a handy increase am memory bandwidth, approaching the 2. Up to four PCIe 2. List of AMD microprocessors. The Athlon MP helps with the memory benchmarks in Sandra, especially in ag ALU test the first numberwith a significantly higher score than the equivalent Thunderbird core Athlon at identical speeds with a test 1.

Last Drivers  ATI RADEON HD 4770 TREIBER

Features like Wake on LAN and the IrDA header, while not used by everyone, are cheap to implement and keep those who need the features happy. The MP with its data prefetch unit and other core enhancements when compared to Thunderbird is able to qgp a good turn of speed, even at stock speed.

Retrieved 18 July Retrieved from ” https: Lastly on my list of layout niggles is the ATX connector being at 90 degrees to the top horizontal edge.

List of AMD chipsets – Wikipedia

Holding down the reset button for a few seconds and letting will bring the machine to life eventually, but it can take many tries and quite a few minutes to coax it into life. Finally, looking at the CPU and CPU ag; scores we again see a healthy increase across the board, which is to be expected given the increases in clocks.

It runs at or MHz depending on the front side bus frequency or They are a good match.