Since this subnotebook is missing an optical drive, we had to resort to a video file avi, no HD on the hard drive for our movie test. High details and four times anisotropic filtering AF are a little too much combined with the native resolution, since this leads to an approximate frame rate of Please, switch off ad blockers. The Lithium-Ion battery is attached with screws. Alienware has cooperated with Klipsch to make the sound system. At 2kg it’s no MacBook Air , but if you’re looking at the Alienware, you’re a different breed of laptop user.

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It did come with the GeForce GT M though, which is the fastest graphics card configuration available for the M11x, and pleased us mightily.

Brightness, black level, and contrast were all far from ideal. The stable surfaces are slightly rubbery.

Alienware M11x R3 Review

At the same time the previous black level of 0. Everything in the M11x R3 has gotten a healthy boost–everything, that is, except the screen.

Alienware m11x r3 with the automatically overclocking Turbo-Boost, there is of course also Hyper-Threading technology on board as well. Although there is the usual lack of bass, volume and presence, it is certainly enough for short stints on the go.

In case you should nevertheless alienware m11x r3 have problems at some point, our test of the Dell XPS 15 could possibly help you in this respect, in this review we list some ‘Nvidia Optimus’ tips. The bottom 1m1x is largely flat and smooth with speaker grill holes for the downward-firing stereo speakers, the cooling fan intake, and battery meter. When I’m not managing day-to-day activities and US review articles on Notebookcheck, you can catch me following the eSports scene alienware m11x r3 the latest gaming news.

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The picture quality of the last M11x revisions didn’t set free any excessive amounts of excitement. The small dimensions, the light weight, and the long alienware m11x r3 life see below would actually predestine the subnotebook for mobile use. In defense alienware m11x r3 Alienware it is worth noting that the market simply isn’t providing better display panels in the Nvidia GeForce GT M It is indeed astonishing how Alienware has once again managed to squeeze a gaming suitable graphics card into an 11 inch case.

Along with better performance and low temperatures, there is above all also a much longer battery life.

For a subnotebook the connectivity is hence thoroughly sufficient; compared to a fully fledged gaming notebook there is nevertheless no optical drive, VGA output, ExpressCard slot, or an eSATA port. The integrated battery is also something to keep in mind when talking about the thickness of alinware notebook.

Sure, it did have a hinge problemand the choice of Mb Ethernet was odd, but it alienware m11x r3 what could be alienware m11x r3 in a tiny chassis. The power input is at the back. Quality journalism is aliemware possible by advertising.

Those that have many cables connected will quickly find aliennware use of a mouse confronted with spatial problems on both the left and right sides, since many of the interfaces are simply too far towards the front. The single massive cover panel for alienware m11x r3 battery, hard alienware m11x r3, wireless cards and memory slots uses standard Phillips screws for easy disassembly.

And as a final bonus, Alienware is packing USB 3.

What the cooling system of the M11x R3 has alienwarw say about it can be discovered in this review. Thus there is a Kensington Lock, a F3, and alienware m11x r3 HDMI output on the left side towards the back, whereby the latter two support the operation of external monitors. The subnotebook is definitely an eye catcher. Pros Best-in-class gaming performance Fantastic battery life Alienware m11x r3 keyboard Durable build quality Cons Heavy for an inch laptop Cooling fan sounds like a hair dryer Lackluster screen and no alternative screen options Expensive compared to previous version.


Alienware has cooperated with Klipsch to make the sound system.

Alienware M11x R3 Review

The other is the faster Core iMwhich has a clock speed of 1. The design has gone largely unchanged from the very first iteration, so our thoughts there still apply. NRC to operate nuclear reactors. These new leaks suggest that a revision for the The move from Penryn to M111x in the R2 netted a substantial boost in performance at the cost of some battery life, though that issue was mitigated somewhat by the introduction of NVIDIA’s Optimus graphics switching, replacing the more finicky software-based GPU switching in the first generation model.

Our review alienware m11x r3 comes equipped with the fastest processor Dell makes available in the M11x R3, the Intel Core alienware m11x r3.

Review Alienware M11x R3 Gaming Notebook – Reviews

Those that are looking for precisely this mixture could be content with the M11x R3. The 80 x 43 mm large alienware m11x r3 could be a little higher 3r proved itself to be relatively precise and reliable in the test. Since the touchpad is slightly offset to the left, it can often accidentally be touched during WASD use in games.