August 21, , Having taken the cooler off we can see the P10 chip but you can’t tell by the marking whether this one is strong or weak: Permedia was the first low-cost OpenGL accelerator chip. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. I supposed that the performance was limited by the CPU. In February, , 3Dlabs announced that it would stop developing professional 3D graphic chips and focus on embedded and mobile media processors. With Wildcat, 3Dlabs concentrates only on the brand name.

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So, we have two cards from entirely different categories – the most and the least powerful cards on the P These OpenGL graphics cards are based on a new chip, which goes by the code name P Media-rich application processors for Handheld and embedded devices. For me, Radeon is more interesting.

Taking off the cooler we can see the card’s heart – the mysterious VPU P First I’ll show all the diagrams and then we will elaborate the results. The answer is simple: The 2D quality of the card was of surpassing excellence. Its GLINT SX graphics processor was the industry’s first single chip, 3D-capable graphics device that was shipped on graphics boards from multiple vendors.


Having taken the cooler off we can see the P10 chip but you can’t tell by the marking whether this one is strong or weak: Graphics hardware companies Fabless semiconductor companies Intel acquisitions Intel graphics.

It currently only indexes public posts. I used the OpenGL and operation under a special driver. The 3Dlabs’ driver shouldn’t be used with the ver.

CPS, i’ve heard this all before and its getting rather boring now.

Gamma was the first single chip graphics geometry processor for the PC. Archived from the original on April 27, This is because, in my opinion, later versions of 3Dmark especially have shown suspicious results under different conditions.

Download 3dlabs: Wildcat VP – MajorGeeks

This page was 3dlans edited on 13 Novemberat Whats’ In the box, please? In the past six years, we’ve seen companies like 3Dfx, PowerVR and Nvidia hogging more and more of the spotlight, and if these cards are faster than hugely expensive professional offerings why would we even bother to spend out on these 2 foot long dinosaurs?

The fireGL X1 is the same kind of thing, either way In most tests they outscore the rest. It’s interesting that the PCB has a cut-out where all its 8 layers are enumerated the whole line Wildcat VP has 8 layers.


VPU Technology Preview: The Wildcat VP Series From 3Dlabs

Video 3Digests Video cards: VP stands for Visual Processor. With fresh financing, 3Dlabs was ready to face the tough conditions on the market. If a company can transform its expertise in the high-end segment and apply it to the mid-range, then it literally has the right cards in its hands. Driver Screenshots Page 5: The Wildcat line offers cards for any applications and for any purses.

Creative Help Page 2: The results of this test can be considered vpp forecast of how the cards can work in real applications. Permedia was the first low-cost OpenGL accelerator chip. The austere stylish solution of the 3Dlabs’ colors shows a photo of the card put inside and its brief description.

The rest of the money is to be made in the low-end and mainstream segments.

Now you’ll notice i’m using oldly versions of most benchmark programs.